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It is important to install foam insulation at particular points in the construction process to achieve maximum sealing properties of the building envelope. FoamRun monitors the progress of the construction process so that spray foam insulation can be installed in the most effective manner.

Let’s take a look at the installation of spray foam insulation in the attic as an example. FoamRun will ask that the general contractor have the building official perform a partial framing inspection of the roof structure as soon as the roof is water tight. At this point we can insulate the bottom of the roof deck before any mechanical components are installed (this is also the perfect time to install the attic thermal barrier).

The advantages to this approach are twofold. First, if mechanical equipment was to be installed before the foam insulation, then there would be areas which would be very difficult, if not impossible to achieve an adequate level of spray foam. Second, by spraying foam before mechanical installation begins, we can eliminate any overspray from being left on equipment without the need for extensive masking and protection. This will result in a more efficient and therefore less expensive spray foam installation.

There are many situations, such as the example above, where scheduling can have an important effect on the final product. FoamRun works as part of a team with the general contractor to identify the correct order in which materials and systems should be installed for optimum performance.

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