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Our Team


Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance

FoamRun is a proud member of the SPFA. The SPFA is the leading voice, educational resource, and technical resource for the spray polyurethane foam industry. The SPFA is composed of contractors, manufacturers, and distributors of polyurethane foam, equipment, and protective coatings as well as other services. Their members are professionals who are successful because of their knowledge, experience, and capability in providing long lasting applications of polyurethane foam systems. Please click on the SPFA link to visit their website and learn the benefits FoamRun takes advantage of by being part of this exceptional organization. 


EnergyWise Structures

EnergyWise Structures has developed the most comprehensive, easy to understand, ultra energy efficient construction plan review and modification program available. They are leaders in designing mechanical systems for foam insulated buildings. FoamRun is proud to have teamed with EnergyWise. By utilizing prior experience in analyzing the HVAC systems for NASA spacecraft, they have analyzed more than 40,000 structures over the past 20 years with a track record of success. Please click on the EnergyWise link to learn more about the benefits of an EnergyWise engineered home. 

Mason Knowles Consulting

With more than 37 years of experience in the polyurethane industry, Mason Knowles is known throughout the spray polyurethane industry for his vast knowledge of all things spray foam. We at FoamRun are excited to be working with Mason because of the vast resources he makes available to us. Not only will Mr. Knowles be able to offer us objective analysis of all prospective foam projects, but he can also work with our spray foam technicians to achieve the highest quality spray foam possible. Please click on the Mason Knowles link to learn why we are so happy to be working with him.

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