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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time to get FoamRun involved
in my project?
As early as possible in the design and budget stages of the project. There are many factors to be considered in an ultra-healthy, ultra-efficient home. The earlier in the project we are involved, the better the final product will be.
Won’t such a high performance building
be more expensive?
Technological advances in materials and equipment coupled with the vast strides made in building science enable us to construct such homes in an economical manner. As a matter of fact, we will show you how you will realize positive cash flow from day 1.
What do you mean when you refer to
a systems approach?
At FoamRun we oversee both the containment (insulation) and control (mechanical systems) of the home’s indoor environment. By utilizing spray polyurethane foam insulation, we have created an ultra tight building envelope (which is just what we want). The control of this high performance envelope is critical to realizing the benefits of this system. In the past, many HVAC contractors used a rule of thumb approach when calculating the correct heating and cooling system. FoamRun utilizes a proven scientific approach to assure that the building performs optimally. To accomplish this goal, FoamRun takes control of both the insulation and HVAC design and installation. By providing this as a full service, you can be assured that the components work in harmony in your new home.
What if I already have my own spray foam and/or HVAC contractor?
Your particular contractor may already work with FoamRun. If not, they would need to be pre-qualified by us. Most times this is a simple process that in volves review by FoamRun of several factors. These will include, but not be limited to such things as the quality of their work, a check on their references, inspection of past work, dedication to keeping up with advances in their industry, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, not all contractors will meet our standards. In any event, the insulation and HVAC contractor will need to work directly for FoamRun in order for us to provide the highest performance building possible.
How can I be sure that FoamRun’s subcontractors are competent to perform work in my home?
Not only are our subcontractors competent, they have proven to us that they have the highest levels of commitment to professionalism and quality workmanship available. Every FoamRun employee and subcontractor must adhere to guidelines set forth by us to provide exceptional levels of customer satisfaction. We are fully aware that the customer expects nothing less, and that this will be the most important measure of our success.
How do I go about contacting FoamRun
to discuss my project?
Just click on the Contact Us tab. We can be reached by telephone, fax, mail, or e-mail. We would be happy to set up an appointment to review the details of your project.

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