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How We Do It

FoamRun utilizes a full systems approach for all projects. Since every new home has its own challenges, we analyze each project individually. Even houses with the exact same floor plan must be analyzed on a case by case basis. What direction does the house face? What kinds of doors and windows will be used? What type of heating and cooling system will be utilized? What finishes will be applied on both the inside and outside of the building? Etc., etc… 

A FoamRun project begins at design stage and continues throughout the construction process. Here is how the process works:


Analyze the Project at the Design Stage

We will meet with your builder and/or architect to review such items as floor plan, window types and locations, orientation of the home, location of mechanical equipment, types of heating and cooling systems being considered, as well as many other details pertaining to the construction process.



Determine Most Efficient Level of Foam Insulation

We will determine the best type and thickness of foam insulation needed to meet the requirements of the project. Other considerations will include: where the thermal boundaries will be located, what code issues will need to be addressed, where sound control will need to be considered, and other factors that will suggest the best level of containment for the building envelope. As an authorized contractor of BaySystems spray foam, we will have an array of foam systems available to meet the needs of your project.


Design of the Mechanical System

After determining the requirements of the new home, a complete mechanical system will be designed specifically for the project. Correct sizing and configuration of the mechanical system in a foam insulated home is critical to the success of the building envelope’s performance. FoamRun has partnered with EnergyWise Structures to design a heating and cooling system specifically for your home. Armed with proprietary software generated from experience derived from NASA thermal consultants for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs, EnergyWise will create a detailed energy analysis report for your new home. 


Choose the Right HVAC Contractor

We have pre-qualified several reputable HVAC contractors in the area who share our commitment to providing a superior product. These contractors have been chosen by FoamRun based on their track record of excellence in their trade. With so many heating and cooling options available today, it is important to match the system being used with an HVAC contractor who is proficient with your specific system. All of our HVAC contractors can be counted on to perform their work in a highly professional manner, and have shown dedication to keeping up with today’s technologies. 


Provide Recommendations to General Contractor throughout the Building Process

Throughout the course of the building project there are many construction details that various trades can provide to enhance the overall performance of the thermal envelope. We will provide general recommendations that can help create a healthier and more efficient home. We will also be available to the General Contractor throughout the course of the project to address various unique issues that may affect the building envelope. We will be part of the general contractor’s team and work together to provide solutions to these challenges.



Correct Scheduling and Installation of the Spray Foam and HVAC System

It is very important to schedule installation of the spray foam and HVAC system to provide an optimum seal of your home’s thermal envelope. We will work as part of the general contractor’s team to make certain that an efficient schedule will be maintained for all subcontractors on the jobsite without compromising the quality of anybody else’s work. During the course of installation, FoamRun employees and subcontractors will work in a diligent and professional manner. All of our personnel can be counted on to be considerate and courteous to all others on the jobsite. This includes laborers, tradesmen, general contractor reps, homeowners, architects, and anyone else we come in contact with throughout the course of the work day. We will also coordinate with other subcontractors on the job site for such items as the wiring of the HVAC units by the electrician, tie-ins that require the plumber, etc., etc.



Test for Optimum Performance

After completed installation of the spray foam insulation and the mechanical system, a variety of tests will be performed to make certain that all systems are performing optimally. If testing results are not satisfactory, then we will make any repairs or adjustments needed until the system does reach an optimum level of performance.



Delivery of Completed Project and Manuals

Upon completion of the steps listed above, the homeowner or general contractor will be provided with a “FoamRun Systems” binder. The binder will include a certificate which shows the exact thickness and type of spray foam used in each component of the building envelope as well as all owner’s manuals and instructions for all equipment installed in the home. The written guarantee for maximum energy costs will also be provided when applicable. Any other information or paperwork related to the specific project will also be included in the binder.



Stand Behind our Work

The final step is by far the most important. There are many components and details involved with the final systems and sometimes things won’t seem to work quite right. There could be a variety of reasons for such problems and you can be sure that we will diagnose and fix these problems promptly when they arise. FoamRun and our subcontractors will stand by all materials and labor we provide with a full two year guarantee when systems are properly maintained. Any manufacturer warranties which exceed this period will be provided to the homeowner for their use if needed.


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